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Juices and Glazes of Clementine and Bergamot from Calabria.

Discover our genuine products from Calabria: Glazes, slightly carbonated drink and preparation based on concentrated juice of clementines and bergamot, without dyes and gluten.


Slightly carbonated drink based on Clementine Juice from Plane of Sibari, without preservatives, without dyes, without gluten, with 20% juice, rich in pulp and fiber.

Excellent also for the preparation of cocktail.

Shelf-life 2 years.

drink based on clementine juice from plane of Sibari

Clementine and Bergamot Glazes.

The clementine and bergamot glaze comes from Clemì concentrated juice. Their sweet and sour taste enhances the flavor of appetizers, pasta and rice first corse, meat or fish main courses, chees and desserts, pizzas, pinse and even some gourmet specialties.

Ideal for giving a creative touch to all your dishes.

Shelf life 2 years, once opened keep in a dry place.

clementine and bergamot glazes

Onion and Chilli Glazes.

Excellent on tasty meats, hamburgers, French fries and even with dark chocolate. Enjoy it with nachos, cheeses and prawns.

calabrian onion glaze

Calabrian Onion Glaze

calabrian chilli glaze

Calabrian Chilli Glaze

Concentrated Juices.

For the Horeca sector, a preparation based on concentrated juice of clementines and bergamot, without dyes and gluten was created. Its use passes from beverage to food: juice for breakfast, carbonated soft drink, granita, ice cream, sorbet, cocktails, desserts.

A study was carried out on this product by Macrofarm (spin-off of the University of Calabria) to determine the biological properties of the drink obtained from the preparation.
The study showed a significant total antioxidant activity and a significant precentage of inhibition of the activity of the pancreatic lipase enzyme.
These data therefore highlight a potential antioxidant and hypolipidemic effect.

juice of bergamot
juice of clementine
topix of bergamot
topix of clementine

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